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5 Reasons to see a Functional Clinical Nutritionist


We don’t just eat because we are hungry we eat for fuel. Sure, that’s fuel to do physical work like gas making the car go, but like a car there are chemical reactions that have to occur to make the car go. When those systems stop working as efficiently then we get misfires in the workings, things get gunked up and all of a sudden the car is sputtering and not as smooth like it used to be. You don’t use just any fuel either, but the right fuel to keep things working properly. A Clinical Nutritionist will teach you what the right fuel is for your body so you can avoid those gunked up gears.

2. Personalized Optimization for Your Health and Metabolism

Clinical Nutritionists are far more than diet plans and weight loss. We want to keep you in the most optimal state possible to avoid chronic disease or manage symptoms as much as we can in the most natural way possible.

The right clinical nutritionist knows how to look at your lab results, either through blood, urine or saliva, and know what those results have to do with your health. We might even know a thing or two about how your genetics might impact your metabolic functioning. Clinical Nutritionsts even have certain “functional” lab markers that are more narrow than the typical lab ranges used by traditional medical professionals like your Primary Care Doc. They show us trends in your health before you have worsening symptoms or even disease. We may even send out for more testing to give us more answers for what’s going on with allergies, metabolic functioning, endocrine patterns. If you want to know how a functional medicine nutritionist uniquely looks at the body read this recent post. The point is…what works for YOU and NOT what worked for your neighbor’s niece’s dog walker’s sister.

3. Start with Natural Solutions When Possible

Foods contain many nutrients, but some foods are higher in certain nutrients than others. If you’re missing a nutrient would you rather eat more of a food or take a medication with potential side effects, some of which may be permanent? I’ll take the food thanks!

Some clinical nutritionists even use evidenced-based supplementation and herbal or botanical solutions for targeted action to ease symptoms. They are specially trained to know if they interact poorly with certain conditions you may have or medications you might be taking. Much of the time these protocols are for temporary use to get you back on track.

4. Avoid Medications and Doctor’s Visits

The better fuel you’re putting in your body and the more you know how to eat optimally, the more opportunity your body has to get the nutrients it needs to function well. That includes keeping you from getting sick as often as well as avoid chronic disease. Better everyday decisions will likely equal less visits to the doctor and less prescription or over the counter meds needed.

5. Support on Your Journey to Wellness

Unfortunately, with so much demand for doctors their time with patients is typically short. For someone who is trying to make life changes by learning new ways of eating and even cooking, that doesn’t give the kind of support most often needed. I typically spend 60-90 minutes per appointment with my clients to do my best to give the emotional and physical support they need throughout this process. It’s a partnership and a great relationship that is built over time. It also takes time to learn what works for you and doesn’t work for you, so I spend a lot of time with my clients.

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Autumn is the Founder and CEO of HopeWella Nutrition in Los Angeles, California. Featured in publications, podcasts and documentaries, such as Eat Play Diet, she is well-known in and around Southern California as a nutritional specialist in the areas if Digestive Health, Hormone Balance, Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Nutritional Genetics and Metabolic Health.

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