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There’s hope that wellness is possible.

It's time to leave behind the confusion over what to eat!

By now, you know that your symptoms are just the surface and that the only way to heal and to have optimal health is to look at the whole body and interrelated systems while understanding your unique health story.

We Focus on You, Not Your Symptoms

Clinical nutrition is more than meal plans and weight loss! We spend 60-90 minutes in an initial consult to thoroughly evaluate a client’s biochemistry via laboratory results, health history, family history, current diet, symptoms and sometimes genetic profile.

Step 1

First, we look at how the body functions and how it works together as a larger system. One nutrient or vitamin or mineral can influence multiple aspects of the entire self.

Step 2

Then we look at the web-like interconnection of physiological factors, including hormones, genes, diet, lifestyle, environmental toxins, digestion, detoxification, and more.

Step 3

Only then do we determine what program will suit you. We focus on preventive care, to find the root causes of problems, and not just cover up the symptoms.

Here's How You Can Work with Us

We address your whole health so you can have a happy and energized body that radiates vitality.

Proper functional and integrative nutrition utilizes food as a natural medicine to heal the gut, correct nutrient deficiencies, and restore balance while also embracing each person as unique.

We aim to find the ‘root cause’ of any issues rather than just look at symptoms, so you can enjoy life symptom-free! Here’s how we do it:

Complimentary Discovery Call

We always start prospective clients with a complimentary Discovery Call. During the call we get to know your case. This includes a little about your history, your concerns, and your short and long-term goals for yourself. Towards the end of the call we will give you realistic expectations regarding the roadmap to best reach your goals including pricing that fits our recommendations.

1 on 1 or Group Program (Private Coaching)

We offer 1 on 1 or group coaching depending on your preference and need. Our 1 on 1 program is our best selling personalized nutrition guidance and our new group program catered towards finding food freedom in a community setting. See more below!

Optimal Wellness Memberships

Created for ongoing support and accountability of existing clients who have completed a foundational program with us. Enables clients to continue to make excellent progress toward long-term change with their relationship with food, nutrition goals, mindset shifts and changes in life stage or events requiring continued support. Approximately 85-90% of our clients continue with us!

Join Our 1 on 1 or Group Programs

Happy Healthy Balance Program (Private Coaching)

Our #1 selling program for new clients includes 100% personalized nutrition guidance and education thus providing supportive guidance to move you from confused to confident about what to eat for your body. Schedule your complimentary Discovery Call for more details on working with us privately.

Food Freedom Method (Group Coaching)

This group program is an exciting new opportunity to join a community of clients who are collectively frustrated with trying diets that don’t work or are too restrictive, tired of the diet roller coaster, tired of having to give up their favorite foods and feel guilty when they eat something mentally labeled as “bad!” If you don’t enjoy eating salads all the time, hate feeling controlled by your cravings, or feel as though you can never stick to changes, this program is calling to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a sliding scale of knowledge amongst types of nutritionists. Some nutritionists have done a short online certification program, and some have progressed all the way up to a PhD. In order to obtain a nationally-recognized Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) designation, a minimum of a Masters Degree and 1,000 hours of supervised training is required. At this level, nutritionists go far beyond general meal plans and weight loss programs; they have advanced knowledge of diseases, disease pathophysiology, advanced biochemical interactions and associated nutritional support. Many often receive training in genetic polymorphisms, which are becoming more and more popular to assess in the form of DNA tests, and much more.

​Autumn has a Post Graduate degree in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, an internationally recognized leader for education in bio-individualized functional nutrition. She is also certified in Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN) from the Southern California University of Health Sciences and has her Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) certification through the American Nutrition Association (ANA).
It may vary depending on the program that is the best fit for you, but, in general, what you need to know is that sessions are done virtually or over the phone (with internet connectivity limitations/issues), We are fairly flexible and have availability all times of the day. All nutritionists have at least a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and are certified by the highest nutrition board (BCNS) who are functionally trained and can evaluate nutrition status via conventional and functional labs if you choose to include that as part of our work together. That’s only one part of the evaluation as many aspects such as family history, diagnoses, current nutrition status, genetic background, etc. are also evaluated. We specialize in creating customized plans that fit YOU, the unique individual. There is general foundational education we provide all of our clients, however, getting to the root cause of symptoms or issues is a highly individualized process. We are your Sherlock Holmes of the functional nutrition world. We are great listeners and want to know what your biggest concerns are and let that guide our conversations and protocols. We are pros at offering continued accountability for clients as they move through their goals and challenges. You’ve likely never worked with nutritionists like us before, we promise!
Yes! We can order functional and conventional labs.

Pricing varies depending on the case. We always start prospective clients with a complimentary discovery call. During the call we get to know your case. This includes a little about your history, your concerns, and your short and long-term goals for yourself. Towards the end of the call we will give you realistic expectations regarding the roadmap to best reach your goals including pricing that fits our recommendations.

Also, we are honest. If we don’t specialize in your concern, we will refer you to someone we think can assist you. Some cases take a while to see results depending on the complexity. We will always tell you what to expect. We are in the business of long-term changes that stick and are not a diet program offering drastic results in a short period of time. Research shows that actually doesn’t work 95% of the time and often ends up with you being worse off than before.

One of our core values is integrity and it would be out of our integrity to offer you something we know will not last for you. We want to be your last stop for nutrition support as much as we can be. Our packages and programs range from $197 to $2,397, but, again, is based on the best fit for the case.

Sessions are done either via Telehealth or telephone when internet issues arise.

We’ll be honest, insurance companies are all different and offer different levels of nutrition coverage, often limiting how we are able to work with clients in our programs. We have thoughtfully and strategically developed our programs to meet the short and long-term needs of the clients we serve offering an extraordinary, and honestly, priceless experience. We have seen what works and what doesn’t and we strongly believe in what we do and how we do it. The proof is in our many client testimonials.

Due to this, we are out of network and do not currently accept insurance. However, we can provide receipts for insurance reimbursement.* We can accept HSA/FSA cards or provide receipts for them as well.

*Since all plans and coverage are different we cannot guarantee insurance will reimburse any or all of our services, check with your insurance company for details.
Not usually. We have special pricing for conventional labs since we are not under insurance contracts. It can save up to hundreds for an individually run common test compared to insurance pricing. Functional labs are rarely, if ever, covered by insurance companies.

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