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Clinical Nutrition Professional/Certified Nutrition Specialist

Seeking a reliable, self-motivated candidate for a growing virtual nutrition consultancy company. You have the opportunity to make your own hours seeing clients at times that work for your schedule. Ideal for someone who needs flexible hours and wants part time employment and to gradually increase hours over time. Must be available during work hours on Mondays (Pacific Standard Time) for a weekly meeting. Hourly rate offered with quarterly bonus opportunities. Please read the job description in its entirety before applying.

More Details:
For this position we are seeking a Certified Nutrition Specialist or CNS-Candidate ONLY, other types of nutritionists or dietitians need not apply. This position will be very part time (a few hours per week to start) and will grow overtime.

About Hopewella:

Hopewella is a private, weight-neutral telehealth practice. Clients’ needs are addressed via evidence-based nutritional principles and support with a non-judgmental approach that is both positive and supportive. We strive to move clients from confused and frustrated to confident by providing a non-diet approach and education to maximize their nutrition proficiency, body synergy, and overall balance.

This Position is NOT Right for You if You’re:

  • Someone who wants to own or start their own business in the near future. This is a great endeavor; however, this isn’t the company for you. A lot goes into training, relationship-building, etc. and our ideal candidate is invested in the success of Hope Wellness and our clients. We’d like our team to hang around long term.
  • Someone who likes to work solo and prefers not to work with a team or to collaborate with others.
  • Someone who isn’t aligned with our mission and company values.

Job Description

  • Provide private, evidence-based personalized nutrition counseling and medical nutrition therapy utilizing an intuitive eating approach (via telehealth).
  • Maintain thorough, accurate, and timely documentation of client care
  • Perform relevant administrative tasks
  • Create and maintain professional relationships with other providers to ensure referrals and an excellent reputation in the nutrition community
  • Coordinate care with other providers as needed
  • Perform discovery calls for prospective clients
  • Create branded client resources as needed
  • Attend staff meetings and case rounds meetings on Mondays (PST) during working hours
  • Strategize and produce branded content alongside team (social media, group programs, courses, newsletters, blog articles, lead magnets, etc.).
  • Assist in managing our online social media community of followers and for our group program.
  • Other duties as assigned

Ideal Candidate:

  • Wants to work in a collaborative, supportive team environment
  • Be self-motivated and directed with an eagerness for ongoing learning
  • Open to giving and receiving respectful and productive feedback
  • Is passionate about working with and reaching new clients to make maximum impact in their lives and positively impact health in America.
  • Has great rapport with clients and the ability to build long-lasting, supportive relationships for long-term, life-changing results.
  • Has a weight-neutral, intuitive eating philosophy and committed to finding root causes of clients’ health concerns.
  • Is excited to work as part of a team long-term and participate in its growth and development over the years​


  • Proficient in reading and selecting appropriate functional lab testing
  • Master’s Degree in Nutrition and CNS certification, or Master’s Degree in Nutrition and CNS Candidate with current Supervisor
  • At least 2 years clinical experience preferred
  • Customer Service and Sales experience preferred
  • Social Media Community experience preferred


Click HERE to Learn How To Apply. Please outline any special skills such as social media, sales, marketing, community management, or nutrition specialties in your cover letter (REQUIRED). 

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Autumn is the Founder and CEO of HopeWella Nutrition in Los Angeles, California. Featured in publications, podcasts and documentaries, such as Eat Play Diet, she is well-known in and around Southern California as a nutritional specialist in the areas if Digestive Health, Hormone Balance, Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Nutritional Genetics and Metabolic Health.

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