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Autumn Beam featured in the Documentary: Eat Play Diet

Autumn Beam is one of a few experts that answer the million-dollar question: What diet should I actually be eating? 

In a world of dietary confusion, “Eat, Play, Diet” emerges as a fun, clear, and insightful documentary. It delves into global dietary habits, expert insights, and personal stories, transforming diet dilemmas into an engaging, informative journey. Through stunning food cinematography and humorous yet factual narrative, it debunks myths and offers practical tips. This film appeals to health enthusiasts and culinary adventurers alike, celebrating food and healthy living.

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Autumn is the Founder and CEO of HopeWella Nutrition in Los Angeles, California. Featured in publications, podcasts and documentaries, such as Eat Play Diet, she is well-known in and around Southern California as a nutritional specialist in the areas if Digestive Health, Hormone Balance, Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Nutritional Genetics and Metabolic Health.

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